Automation & PhyTip Columns

PhyTip Columns are specifically designed to be compatible with 8-channel, 12-channel and 96-channel automation on most instruments.

Protein Affinity Purification

96 Plasmid Phytip Columns

Transient Transfection Quality Plasmid Purification

Excellent sample quality

 ultra gentle process delivers excellent sample quality

. Very High yield

 back & forth flow of DFC drives the process to saturation, delivering high sample concentration from even very small volumes

Microscale Benefits

 High capture yields means smaller sample requirements, less sample growth, easier sample labeling and handling.

Reduced cost 

automation, better purposed labor, microscale benefits, better results all mean cost advantages protein (affinity) purification, ion exchange, desalting or buffer exchange and for transient transfection quality plasmids.  The advantage is that the mobile phase fully engages with the solid phase and high loading equilibrium is achieved with only a few flow cycles (something unidirectional flow cannot duplicate at miniature scale).  The PhyTip columns can accommodate virtually any media, commercial or custom, depending on need.