Title Implementation of an Automated High-Throughput Plasmid DNA Production Pipeline

Publication  SAGE JOURNALS  February 8, 2016 doi 10.1177/2211068216630547

1. Genentech, Biologics Resource Management, South San Francisco, CA, USA
2. PhyNexus, Inc., San Jose, CA, USA.
3. Karen Billeci , Christopher Suh, Tina Di Ioia, Lovejit Singh, Ryan Abraham, Anne Baldwin, and Stephen Monteclaro

Biologics sample management facilities are often responsible for a diversity of large-molecule reagent types, such as DNA, RNAi, and protein libraries. Historically, the management of large molecules was dispersed into multiple laboratories. As methodologies to support pathway discovery, antibody discovery, and protein production have become high throughput, the implementation of automation and centralized inventory management tools has become important. To this end, to improve sample tracking, throughput, and accuracy, we have implemented a module-based automation system integrated into inventory management software using multiple platforms (Hamilton, Hudson, Dynamic Devices, and Brooks). Here we describe the implementation of these systems with a focus on high-throughput plasmid DNA production management.