Integration of Automated Bead-and Cartridge-Based Immunocapture Workflows on a GenericTecan Platform for LC-MS Bioanalysis of Protein Therapeutics and Biomarkers
Naiyu Zheng, Huidong Gu, Kristin Taylor, Yan J. Zhang, Jianing Zeng (Analytical and Bioanalytical Operations, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, Princeton, NJ)

Towards a LEANer Platform for Parallel Protein Production
H. Black1, R. Hitchman1, R. Yadav1, S. Festenstein1, E. Beaumont1, J. Kwong1, S. Singh1, S. Duclos1, M. Brooks1, J. Barker1, D. Ullmannv2 (1Evotec (UK) Ltd. Abingdon, United Kingdom, 2Evotec (Munchen) GmbH. Munich, Germany)

Temperature Effects in Boronic Acid – Lectin Affinity Chromatography (BLAC)
M. Olajos1,2, A. Monzo1, P. Hajos2, A. Guttman1 (1Horvath Laboratory of Bioseparation Sciences, Austria; 2University of Pannonia, Hungary)

New Advances towards Quantitative Proteomics: Optimization of Peptide Labeling by Fluorescent Isotope Coded Affinity Tag (FCAT)
Z. Rivera, M. Olajos, T. Ringer, A.R. Mayer, G. K. Bonn and A. Guttman (Horvath Laboratory of Bioseparation Sciences, Austria)

Analysis of human serum glycoproteins by boronic acid – lectin affinity chromatography (BLAC) and multi-capillary gel electrophoresis
A. Monzo1, M. Olajos1,2, L. DeBenedictis1, P. Hajos2, G. Bonn1, A. Guttman1 (1Horvath Laboratory of Bioseparation Sciences, Austria; 2University of Pannonia, Hungary)

Fabrication of a Poly (GMA-co-EDMA) trypsin Nanoreactor for High Throughput Proteomics
A. Monzo1,2, T. Rejtar2, B. Karger2, A. Guttman1 (1Horvath Laboratory of Bioseparation Sciences, Austria; 2Barnett Institute of Chemical and Biological Analysis, Boston, MA)

Screening for Chromatographic Success and Failure on Small Scale
W. Gillette (NCI/SAIC-Frederick)

Space is the Place: Using DOE and Microscale Techniques to Define Process Boundaries
M. Wenger (Merck & Co.)

Development of Small-Scale, High Throughput, Chromatographic Protein Purification
K. Valente1, M. Wenger2, J. Shanter1, S. Sagar1, J. Konz1 (1Merck Biopurification Development, 2Merck Bioprocess and Bioanalytical Research)

Automation of Sample Preparation for CE-SDS-LIF of rMAbs with a Robotic Purification System
J. McElroy, L. Gennaro, O. Salas-Solano (Genentech)

Direct Select™ Small Molecule Libraries: A basis to build an efficient lead discovery program
C. Chiu, K. Franzen, P. Medeiros, C. Kollmann, A. Cooper, R. Baggio, S. Belyanskaya, M. Clark, M. Oliff, J. Franklin, C. Arico-Muendel, S. Hale, B. Morgan, R. Wagner (Praecis)

Detailed p38-alpha and c-Abl kinase kinetics obtained by a novel, continuous, homogeneous kinase assay and a new affinity methodology
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Automated high-throughput protein purification with PhyTip (PhyNexus) at Micro-scale
H. Ho, S. Lee, S. Wang, A. Kutach, D. Shaw, M. Ghate, J. Barnett (Roche Palo Alto)

Automated sample preparation facilitated by PhyNexus MEA Purification System for oligosaccharide mapping of therapeutic glycoproteins
B. Prater, K. Anumula, J. Patti, J. Hutchins (Inhibitex)

Comparison of techniques for small-scale purification of protein
V. Turner, J.M. Long, P. Wang, N. Dedi, S.B. Renwick (Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Europe )

Accelerated antigen identification: a case study
Raven biotechnologies, inc.

High throughput 96-well purification of biopharmaceuticals for cell-based screening
M. Jones, D. Pattison, M. Liddament, J. Andrews, R. Franks, C. Russell, S. Clulow (Cambridge Antibody Technology, UK)

Completely Automated Plasmid Prep and Optimized Protein Using PhyTip Columns
C. Suh, L. Hoang, R. Tobias, D. Gjerde (PhyNexus)

Optimization of Protein Separation Using Micro-Scale Separation Columns
L. Thurston, L. Hoang, P. Sajja, J. Pearlman, D. Gjerde (PhyNexus)

An Improved Method for Chromatin Immunoprecipitation Using Micro-Scale Affinity Columns
H. Li, J. Sklar (Yale School of Medicine); C. Hanna, J. Lambert (PhyNexus)

Optimization of protein purification using micro-scale separation columns
J. Lambert, M. Anderson, D. Gjerde, L. Hoang (PhyNexus)

A flexible platform for automated high-performance protein purification using micro scale separation technology
J. Lambert, M. Anderson, D. Gjerde, L. Nguyen (PhyNexus)

Novel strategies for assaying recombinant antibody function with high throughput cell-based assays
C. Hanna, D. Gjerde, L. Nguyen, D. Burge, and J. Lambert (PhyNexus); T. Arvedson (Amgen)

Improved Process Efficiency with 96-well Protein Purification and Characterization
Printable version
J. Lambert, M. Anderson, C. Hanna (PhyNexus); L. Jordan, A. Esterman, S. Cohen (Caliper)

Micro-scale protein enrichment using novel affinity column technology
Printable Version
J. Lambert, U. Banik, C. Hanna (PhyNexus)

A novel approach to automated high-throughput protein enrichment and characterization
J. Lambert (PhyNexus); L. Jordan, A. Esterman, S. Cohen (Caliper)

A novel approach to high-throughput monoclonal and recombinant antibody enrichment and characterization
Printable Version
J. Lambert, C. Hanna, U. Banik (PhyNexus); D. Sexton, K. Kopacz (Dyax); S. Wiltshire (HTS Biosystems)

High-throughput sample processing and affinity characterization of antibodies and recombinant proteins
S. Wiltshire, J. Lambert (HTS Biosystems); C. Hanna (PhyNexus)

Increasing Throughput and Characterisation of Human Proteins at the SGC
Georgina Berridge
Structural Genomics Consortium (SGC), University of Oxford
November 2012

Innovative Solutions for Automated Protein and Nucleic Acid Purification
Lee Hoang
PhyNexus, Inc.
PhyNexus Webinar
October 2012

A High-Throughput Baculovirus Pipeline Enabling Structural Determination of Integral Membrane Proteins
Nicola Burgess-Brown
Structural Genomics Consortium (SGC), University of Oxford
September 2012

Optimizing Efficiency and Effectiveness When Expressing Proteins for Drug Discovery
Krista Bowman
Genentech, Inc.
Protein Engineering Summit (PEGS) 2012
May 2012

Automated, High Throughput Protein Purification and Sample Prep Using PhyTip Columns for Therapeutic Leads Screening and Process Development
Lee Hoang, PhD.
PhyNexus, Inc.
The 5th Annual Proteins Congress 2012, London
April 2012

Identification of Unknown Target Antigens Using PhyNexus Technology
Claudia Fieger, Tim Hotaling
MarcroGenics, Inc.
June 2009

Optimization of Protein Purification Using Small-Scale Separation Columns
Chris Suh, PhD.
PhyNexus, Inc.
Protein Therapeutics Discovery and Development
September 8, 2008