Streptavidin Columns

The challenge of modern Target Discovery requires the efficient automation of complex assays. The immunoprecipitation (IP) assay has proven quite useful in research discovery to identify components of molecular complexes, discovering protein-protein and protein-nucleic acid interactions, and quantifying an immunogenic response.

Protein A PhyTip columns have been successfully used for this purpose, but IP can only be successful if an antibody is available to the peptide or protein of interest. The availability of biotin labeling reagents allows researchers to generate customized affinity resins by conjugating proteins of interest to streptavidin resins. These custom resins are then ready to pull down interactive proteins and complexes from biological samples. To efficiently automate these assays, significant sample preparation steps must be addressed. Namely, protein needs to be purified, excess biotin labeling reagent must be removed, and biotinylated protein needs to be immobilized.

PhyNexus Affinity Purification, Gel Filtration columns containing resin of 5K molecular weight cutoff, and Streptavidin columns in combination are the ideal tools for small-volume, automated, high throughput purification, separation, and immobilization of biotinylated proteins for complex assays.

Streptavidin columns with our proprietary Dual Flow Chromatography provide complete antibody binding and high final concentrations. Streptavidin tips are compatible with most 8, 12, and 96-channel automation liquid handling robots including Agilent TechnologiesBeckman CoulterDynamic DevicesHamilton, Opentrons, Perkin Elmer, and Tecan.

PhyTip columns are unique capture, purification and enrichment™ tools from PhyNexus designed for lab-scale protein sample preparation. PhyTip columns are available for a variety of liquid handling platforms and contain specific affinity resins for application specific requirements.

PhyNexus recommends the use of biotin-labeled bovine albumin (Sigma, A8549) as a standard to verify the use of PhyTip columns with all applications.

Samples for purification and enrichment must be clear and free from particulate matter. It is highly recommended to centrifuge samples and use the clear supernatant only, prior to use with PhyTip columns.

Select your resin, robotic system, tip and resin volume and see the results in the table below.

Streptavidin Columns