PhyTip® Normal Phase Resin columns are designed for the specific enrichment of polar compounds. These PhyTip columns are especially useful in oligosaccharide mapping and identification analysis of glycoproteins. High resolution tools such as HPLC and capillary electrophoresis are required for the separations of these complicated structures; however, detection must be enhanced through the use of fluorescent dye labels. PhyTip Normal Phase Resin columns are the perfect solution for high throughput, reproducible sample dye removal prior to identification and quantification.

  • PhyTip normal phase columns function to separate and enrich polar compounds such as oligosaccharides.
  • They are the only high throughput, automatable, oligosaccharide purification solution commercially available.
  • Similar to the PhyTip affinity columns, the resin of choice is positioned between two inert screens that maintain the resin bed at the base of the column.
  • An excellent solution for excess dye removal prior to CE or HPLC analysis of oligosaccharides.


PhyTip Normal Phase 1 columns PhyTip

Normal Phase 1 columns have been optimized for use with specific PhyNexus reagents and instrument flow rates/volumes as shown below. This information was collected using the MEA Personal Purification System.

These columns are ideal for the purification of fluorescently-labeled glycans required the removal of excess dye. PhyNexus recommends using the following buffers:

Conditioning Solution – 20% Acetonitrile

Equilibration Solution – 95% Acetonitrile

Capture Solution – Dilute 200μL samples five fold by adding 800μL 95% acetonitrile.

Wash Solution – 95% Acetonitrile

Elution Solution – 20% Acetonitrile


PhyTip columns are unique capture, purification and enrichment tools from PhyNexus designed for small volume protein sample preparation. PhyTip Normal Phase 1 columns are designed for the purification of glycans, oligosaccharides and complex carbohydrates. PhyTip columns are available for a variety of liquid handling platforms and contain specific affinity resins for application specific requirements. Samples for purification and enrichment must be clear and free from particulate matter. It is highly recommended to centrifuge samples and use the clear supernatant only, prior to use with PhyTip columns.


PhyTip Columns

PhyTip columns are available in two formats, 200+ with a recommended maximum sample volume of 200 μL and 1000+ with a recommended maximum volume of 1000 μL. For each of the PhyTip column formats there are a number of different resin volumes available. Each PhyTip column has been designed for maximum efficiency of capture and elution of the specific protein(s) of interest when using the specified protocol.

Shipping and Storage

Each pack of PhyTip columns has been manufactured and QC’d to the highest standards and shipped in retainer boxes that maintain the integrity of the specific affinity resin within each PhyTip column. This product is shipped at ambient temperatures, but on receipt should be stored in a standard laboratory refrigerator between 4 and 8◦C.

  • Do NOT freeze or store frozen.
  • When not in use, keep the lid of the box closed and sealed, store in the refrigerator.
  • PhyTip Normal Phase 1 columns are NOT stored with additives when shipped from PhyNexus.
Robotics Systems Compatibility

Glycan Clean-up and Custom Oligosaccharide Columns are available for these robotic systems.

Part Numbers

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