PhyNexus gel filtration columns empower researchers to prepare and process large numbers of potential antibody and protein leads by delivering a fully automated desalting and buffer exchange solution. Gel filtration columns can process up to 96 samples in about 30 minutes, saving hours of time, delivering more consistent and reproducible results, and maintaining protein functionality.

PhyNexus gel filtration (also known as size exclusion chromatography) tips are compatible with all major 8, 12, and 96-channel Hight Throughput Gel Filtration Desalting Columnsautomation liquid handling instruments equipped with gripper arm for moving tip trays. The gel filtration columns are top loaded with sample; gravity flow pulls the sample through the gel, and the automated gripper moves the tray as necessary for desalting, buffer exchange or fractionation capture.

  • Gel filtration desalting buffer exchange chromatography columns operate as small scale, chromatographic separation columns.
  • PhyNexus gel filtration chromatography columns are the only high throughput automated chromatography desalting solution.
  • Similar to the PhyTip affinity columns, the resin of choice is positioned between two inert screens that maintain the resin bed at the base of the column.
  • Unlike the affinity columns, the sample is passed unidirectionally through the column by gravity flow.
  • Columns packed with 200 µL and 600 µL columns of 5K or 30K (30K for globular protein and 10K for dextran) gel filtration resin can accommodate sample volumes from 20 µL to 400 µL.

High Performance

  • Remove >95% of salts with >80% yield of protein
  • Retain protein functionality
  • <10% CV for volume and concentration between final samples
  • Ready for downstream assay

Automated desalting/buffer exchange of functional proteins

  • Fully automated process with all major liquid handling robots with a gripper
  • 12 or 96 samples desalted/buffer exchanged in ~30 minutes.

High throughput format

  • Available in 96 sample format for high throughput processing

Product comparisons

  • Complete in a fraction of the time of dialysis – ~15 min compared to overnight.
  • Unlike spin columns, PhyTip columns simulate traditional chromatography and can control flow and fractionation.
  • PhyNexus gel filtration chromatography columns are the only system that is reproducible, automated, and high throughput.

PhyTip gel filtration columns are compatible with most 8, 12, and 96-channel automation liquid handling robots including Agilent TechnologiesBeckman CoulterDynamic DevicesHamilton, Opentrons, Perkin Elmer, and Tecan.


Gel Filtration tips are available in 1000 µL tip volume and resin volumes of 200 µL and 600 µL depending upon robot configuration.

Gel-Filtration-Introduction-video Automated-HTP-Buffer Exchange-Desalting-Gel-Filtration-video
Gel-Filtration-Webinar Gel-Filtration-Manual-Procedure-video

For biopharmaceutical companies whose focus is on antibody and recombinant protein molecules, there is an increasing desire to perform more screens of potential leads where the data generated are more physiologically relevant to the issues of potency, toxicity, and other factors. These assay formats all require that the antibodies and recombinant proteins are well purified, enriched and functional. By utilizing high-performance micro scale functional protein separations, it is now possible to obtain more physiologically relevant data at the high-content screening step and thus make the decision-making power available at the earliest stages in the discovery process. PhyNexus PhyTip column technology has been developed for high-through-put preparation of antibodies and recombinant proteins to facilitate the process of preparing large numbers of potential leads that are ready for functional assays without the need for scale-up.

In many cases differing elution conditions are required for various downstream functional assays. Furthermore, the final purification product may require an additional preparation step to either reduce toxic buffer salts or to completely exchange buffer conditions. This latter step can now be achieved through fully automated desalting and buffer exchange with PhyTip 5K gel filtration columns used in conjunction with the MEA Personal Purification System. These unique columns allow for high recovery of the functional antibody of interest while removing greater than 95% of salts.

Select your resin, robotic system, tip and resin volume and see the results in the table below.

Gel Filtration Columns