The ProPlus (MabSelect SuRe™) and ProPlus LX (MabSelect SuRe™ LX) resin ligand is a recombinant Protein A derived ligand that demonstrates attributes of both Protein A and Protein G. ProPlus and ProPlus LX share a number of features including a modified Protein A ligand designed for alkali stability. Also, the modified Protein A is coupled to the resin matrix in an orientation that maximizes capacity. Choose ProPlus LX for high titer cultures to take advantage of high dynamic binding capacity. In certain cases, Protein G affinity resin will still demonstrate  superior selectivity over Protein A such as for certain isotypes and species of IgGs, including some mouse and rat IgGs.

ProPlus and ProPlus LX

  • Modified Protein A increases selectivity for Mouse IgGs
  • Optimal capacity due to ligand orientation
  • Capture, purify and enrich in as little as 15 minutes to obtain high concentrations of fully functional protein
  • Process small sample volumes in a reproducible, high throughput, automated format
  • Elution volumes as low as 10 μL, producing enrichment factors as high as 50 fold,  with concentrations of purified protein of up to 10 mg/mL
  • At least 10% higher capacity than Protein A resins
  • Broad range of selectivity, recognizing various isotypes and species, similar to Protein G
  • 3-5 fold greater recovery than Protein G

ProPlus LX

  • High dynamic binding capacity for high titer cultures

ProPlus / ProPlus LX columns with our proprietary Dual Flow Chromatography provide complete antibody binding and high final concentrations. PhyTip columns are compatible with most 8, 12, and 96-channel automation liquid handling robots including Agilent TechnologiesBeckman CoulterDynamic DevicesHamilton, Opentrons, Perkin Elmer, and Tecan.

MabSelect SuRe and MabSelect SuRe LX are trademarks of Cytiva.


ProPlus/ProPlus LX tips (MabSelect SuRe™) are available in tip volumes (µL) of 200|300|500|1000 and resin volumes (µL) of 5|10|20|40|80|160|320 depending upon robot configuration.

ProPlus/ProPlus LX (MabSelect SuRe™)

The resin ligand for ProPlus and ProPlus LX is a Protein A derived recombinant ligand that demonstrates selectivity attributes of both Protein A and Protein G. Protein G demonstrates superior selectivity over Protein A for certain isotypes and species of IgGs, such as mouse and rat IgGs. However, Protein G has lower capacity and therefore is not as desirable when higher recovery is required. The PhyTip ProPlus and ProPlus LX columns demonstrate similar selectivity to Protein G and higher capacity than Protein A allowing for the best of both worlds. PhyTip ProPlus and ProPlus LX columns are ideal for antibody screening from hybridoma supernatants or for high throughput extraction and purification of expressed antibodies. IgG binds ProPlus with high affinity and specificity. The strength and selectivity of this interaction enables ProPlus to effectively purify IgGs from complex protein mixtures.

  • ProPlus/ProPlus LX columns are selective for various species and isotypes of IgG, similar to Protein G, and can purify mouse IgGs from hybridomas.
  • ProPlus/ProPlus LX demonstrate high capacity for bound IgGs.
  • The resin bed volume of PhyTip ProPlus/ProPlus LX columns can be adjusted to recover the maximum amount of antibody.
  • ProPlus LX provides high dynamic binding capacity for high titer cultures

Select your resin, robotic system, tip and resin volume and see the results in the table below.

ProPlus Columns