PerkinElmer designs, manufactures and delivers advanced technology solutions that address the world’s most critical health and safety concerns, including maternal and fetal health, clean water and air, and safe food and toys. Their expertise combines science, innovation and a culture of operational excellence to offer customers technology services and support that improve the quality of people’s lives worldwide. As your lab automation partner, PerkinElmer offers a wide array of liquid handling instruments and custom integration solutions to support and guide your research while increasing your efficiency and precision. The JANUS® Automated Workstation is easy to use and flexible to grow with your changing requirements in throughput, chemistries and application needs. The MiniTrak MPD Systems are a family of high throughput/high capacity systems for automated liquid handling. The MiniTrak’s unique MultiPosition Dispense Module (MPD) integrates a multi-position labware deck with highly precise dispense head positioning to facilitate reliable and accurate pipetting into 96 or more well microplates. PerkinElmer offers three models of MiniTrak systems, MiniTrak VE, MiniTrak VIII, and MiniTrak IX.

The PhyTip® columns are designed and fully tested to work with the Perkin Elmer platforms, equipped with 96 channels. The combination of the innovative PhyTip columns with PerkinElmer’s robotic integration and liquid handling expertise together gives the user a fully automated protein purification system for higher throughput demands. Up to 96 purifications can be performed in as little as 15 minutes in a walk-away manner. The system addresses the processing of both native and recombinant proteins and other analytes like carbohydrates, with low cross-contamination, high reproducibility, and highly robust processing. Standard and custom chromatography media can be packed into the PhyTip columns, giving the customer the highest flexibility in the choice of their purification methods.

Application Note-A Novel Approach to Automated High-Throughput Protein Enrichment and Characterization

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PhyTip Columns for Perkin Elmer Robotic Systems

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