ME System

Semi-Automated Protein Purification System

If you are looking to start automating your small scale protein preps with ME-System-automated-protein-purification PhyTip columns but are unsure where to start, the PhyNexus ME system is a great choice.  This system helps you get up and running the protein preps within 5 minutes using our PhyTip columns with dual flow chromatography to provide purified protein with higher concentrations than spin columns and magnetic beads. The ME system is semi-automated, needing your help only to move the pipette from one sample to the next.  If you already have a liquid handling robot, the PhyNexus ME system still provides a quick and easy platform to help you optimize conditions before increasing the throughput on your robot.

  • Obtain highly concentrated purified proteins
  • High binding affinity
  • High selectivity for different species and isotypes of antibody
  • Purify proteins in less than 15 minutes with up to 95% yields
  • Process 8 or 12 samples in parallel

App Note High Performance Immunoprecipitation Direct method
App Note High Performance Immunoprecipitation InDirect method

PhyNexus can custom pack almost any resin into a PhyTip Column.

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PhyTip Columns for PhyNexus ME system