The AutoPlasmid MEA is a Mini and Midi Plasmid Prep research tool in one instrument. It is a reliable, walk-away, fully automated plasmid DNA purification for ALL your needs.

  • Fully automated & walkaway
  • Complete solution for mini scale and midi scale preps and anything in between
  • Save time and money
  • Robust and reliable results
  • Processes samples directly from the cell pellet
  • Plasmids produced are Transient Transfection Quality

AutoPlasmid MEA instrument uses the Lysate Direct PhyTip® Column and Reagent Kit to process plasmid samples at any desired scale.


1 USB  2 DC Power Input

Instrument dimensions

H 610 mm x W 814 mm x D 356 mm (H 24 x W 32 x D 14 in)

Operating temperature

15–32°C (59–90°F)


100–240 V AC; from external power supply to the instrument : 12 VDC and 24 VDC nominal


25 kg (55 lbs)