Fully-automated Protein and Plasmid Purification

    PhyNexus is delivering bench-top and high throughput (HTP) 96-at-a-time automation to protein and plasmid purification in the research lab.  PhyNexus can deliver full automation where others cannot by combining its patented PhyTip Columns with Dual Flow Chromatography technology.

    Fully-automated solutions include:

  • • NEW PhyNexus AutoPlasmid MMG, a benchtop two-channel instrument for walk-away maxi, mega and gigaprep plasmid purification

  • • PhyNexus AutoPlasmid MEA, a benchtop 8-channel 96-well plate instrument for multiple protein purification and analysis processes and mini and midiprep plasmid purification

  • • PhyNexus MEA-2, a benchtop 8-channel 96-well plate instrument for multiple protein purification and analysis processes

  • • PhyNexus PhyTip HTP 96-at-a-time solutions for virtually all your protein purification needs (PhyTips come pre-packed and are configured to fit virtually any major 96-channel liquid handling robotic system)


NEW PhyNexus AutoPlasmid MMG

Fully-automated, two-channel, benchtop instrument for walk-away maxi, mega and gigaprep plasmid purification

The PhyNexus AutoPlasmid MMG is the industry’s first and only fully-automated benchtop instrument for transfection
quality plasmid purification at the maxi, mega and gigaprep scales. The automated two-channel instrument delivers a robust and flexible solution capable of working with LB or TB media, one-touch or customizable methods, and delivering maxi, mega or gigaprep scale transfection quality plasmids. The AutoPlasmid MMG allows research laboratories to
increase productivity of lab specialists, improve results through automation, and remove the tedium of manual plasmid preps. The AutoPlasmid MMG takes about 5-10 minutes to set up, then hit “start,” and walk away until your plasmids are ready.




Bench Top Robotic Instrument (MEA 2)

The PhyNexus MEA 2 robot is a bench top 96 well format platform that brings cost effective sample prep right into the researcher’s lab. The MEA 2 fills the productivity gap between semi-automated instruments and 96 channel capability robots. When used with the unique PhyTip Cover, elution plates retain the integrity of the final elution at volumes as low as 10 µL to guarantee high concentrations of ultra-high purity samples. With the dedicated cooling system option, the MEA can be utilized on any standard lab bench, without the need to occupy limited cold room space. The MEA 2 system offers the following: a) automated programming of a 12 channel system, b) easy conversion from 200 µL to 1000 µL system, c) variable plate positions, d) easy to use software programming – the software is versatile and sophisticated so that it can be programmed for any type of method and chemistry for proteins and plasmids, e) complete automation, and d) flexibility.

The MEA 2 processes 12 samples in parallel moving down the 8 rows of a plate, giving a powerful advantage over 96-at-a-time robots. Purification conditions can be surveyed to produce optimized capture, wash and elution of any protein. Side-by-side comparisons along the row of 12 can be made with different conditions moving down each of the 8 rows. After conditions have been surveyed and chosen, the MEA 2 can be programmed to process one or two boxes of 96 samples with the optimized conditions. For more information on the MEA 2, please visit Instruments.

AutoPlasmid MEA:

The AutoPlasmid MEA instrument is designed for use in conjunction with the Lysate Direct PhyTip Columns for Plasmid DNA Purification. The system is used for complete automation of mini and midi DNA preps.

PhyTip Columns for Compatible Robotic Instruments:

Standard and custom columns for the MEA 2 systems: 200 µL column with 5 or 20 µL resin bed and 1000 µL column with 10, 20, 40, 80, 160 or 320 µL resin bed

PhyTip columns are available that function with other commercially available liquid handlers.

See the Catalog for the list of compatible robotic systems. If you are interested in a resin not listed, ask us about our custom resin program. For example PhyNexus can pack your in-house certified resin lot.

Compatible HTP 96-at-a-time Robotic Liquid Handling Systems Column Options:

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