As the world leader in robotic workstation innovation, Hamilton sets the standards for reliability, performance, and flexibility. The Microlab STAR line workstations are based on superior air displacement pipetting technology. This increases accuracy and repeatability while providing chain of custody with pipette condition monitoring and recording. Each workstation can be configured with multiple arms and each arm can be configured with multiple pipetting and labware gripping devices. Pipetting channels and labware grippers move independently of each other, supporting the use of a wide range of labware. The compact STARlet can be converted on-site to a STARplus by means of an extension module, more than doubling deck capacity. Thanks to the scalability of the STAR line instruments, the widest possible range of throughputs and budgets can be accommodated, it is even possible to add a second pipetting arm working in parallel.

PhyNexus PhyTip® columns are designed and fully tested to work with the Hamilton platforms, equipped with 8 channels. The combination of the innovative PhyTip columns with Hamilton’s robotic integration and liquid handling expertise together gives the user a fully automated protein purification system for higher throughput demands.

PhyNexus tips used with our proprietary Dual Flow Chromatography provide complete antibody binding for highly concentrated sample recovery from small samples. The system addresses the processing of both native and recombinant proteins and other analytes like carbohydrates, with low cross-contamination, high reproducibility, and highly robust processing. Standard and custom resins can be packed into the PhyTip columns, giving you the highest flexibility in the choice of your purification methods.

PhyNexus provides a host of solutions, all compatible with the Hamilton STAR, NIMBUS, and VANTAGE platforms, delivering 96-channel, high throughput solutions, including:

Automated Workflow with Hamilton and PhyNexus

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PhyTip Columns for Hamilton Robotic Systems

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