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The Dynamic Devices Oasis liquid handler is used with the 96 1000 µL Head to perform protein purifications using the PhyTip columns. The system can use either 10 µL, 200 µL or 1000 µL tips on the same head within the same run for pipetting large or small volumes.
The drive system of the head makes it a perfect fit for the PhyTip application since the drive can aspirate and dispense at extremely slow speeds, from 2-5 µL/sec, giving the sample the capture time needed to expose it to the solid phase matrix in order for optimal binding and elution.

With a small footprint of 24 inches, the Oasis LM600 has 18 positions for processing PhyTip columns. Deck layouts include: PhyTip 1000 µL Tips, Standard 1000 uL Tips, Deepwell Sample Plates, Deepwell Elution Plates, Column Prep Reagent Reservoir, Deepwell Wash Buffer 1, Deepwell Wash Buffer 2, Elution Buffer Reservoir Deepwell plates are used to prevent cross contamination between samples during washing protocols and a Setup Run method can transfer Wash Buffers 1 & 2 from a reservoir to the deepwells and then removed to make more room for to process the samples with the PhyTip columns.

For more walk away time, the Oasis LM1200 offers 42 positions to process PhyTip columns. Combine the extra deck positions with 1-2 liter ‘fedder’ reservoirs to hold the wash buffers and triple the capacity. Additional configurations include dual 96 1000 µL Heads to process PhyTip simultaneously and gripper tools to move plates on and off the deck from storage containers and microplate readers, and a virtual ‘manufacturing line’ can be realized.

PhyNexus tips used with our proprietary Dual Flow Chromatography provide complete antibody binding for highly concentrated sample recovery from small samples.

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