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The Catalog lists part numbers for all of our standard products including columns with our standard resins: 6 standard affinity resins and gel filtration resin. In addition it lists our instrumentation products. We also have a custom resin program and can pack our PhyTip® columns with resin of your choice.

Plasmid DNA Purification

PhyNexus' Lysate Direct PhyTip® Columns for Plasmid DNA Purification utilizes silica-based chemistry in combination with our innovative pipette tip column format. Achieve reliable walk-away automation of plasmid DNA purification directly from cell pellets. Obtain >10 µg plasmid from up to 96 samples simultaneously, with purity suitable for sequencing, PCR, and transfections.

Affinity Columns

The unique design of the PhyTip® affinity columns allows bidirectional flow of the sample through the column to maximize the use of the resin by increasing capture and elution of the target protein, leading to the highest yield possible. The screens surrounding the resin at the base of the column allow elution volumes as low as 10µL, and therefore high concentration product. In addition, the high efficiency bidirectional washes lead to the highest possible sample purity. Perform affinity purification, ion exchange, desalting or buffer exchange applications.

Specialty Resins


BAC BV's CaptureSelect® media can now be efficiently processed via PhyNexus formatted in its PhyTip® system. By combining BAC BV's affinity resins, directed towards different epitopes on antibodies (Fc or VL, kappa or lambda), with PhyNexus' automated PhyTip® columns, we are able to offer a product to the market which enables researchers to purify antibodies and antibody fragments at very small scale in a high throughput mode. The highly specific CaptureSelect® resins in combination with the ease and small sample volumes needed for the PhyTip® columns makes the system extremely suitable during lead identification of antibodies and antibody fragments in drug discovery as well as for setting final chromatographic conditions for purification of identified leads either singly or in parallel with other potential leads or resins.

Gel Filtration Columns

PhyTip® gel filtration columns operate as small scale, chromatographic separation columns. They represent the only high throughput, automatable, chromatography desalting solution. The gel filtration columns are similar to the PhyTip® affinity columns in that the resin of choice is positioned between two inert screens that maintain the resin bed at the base of the column. Unlike the affinity columns, the sample is passed unidirectionally through the gel filtration columns by gravity flow. The gel filtration columns remove >95% of salts with >80% yield of protein, retain protein functionality, provide less than 10% CV for volume and concentration between final sample and provide functional protein that is ready for the downstream assay.

Normal Phase Columns

Normal Phase Columns

PhyTip® Normal Phase Resin columns are designed for the specific enrichment of polar compounds. These PhyTip® columns are especially useful in oligosaccharide mapping and identification analysis of glycoproteins. High resolution tools such as HPLC and capillary electrophoresis are required for the separations of these complicated structures; however, detection must be enhanced through use of fluorescent dye labels. PhyTip® Normal Phase Resin columns are the perfect solution for high throughput, reproducible sample dye removal prior to identification and quantification.

Ion Exchange Columns

Ion Exchange Columns

PhyTip® Ion Exchange columns offer the unique ability to screen different wash and elution buffers and a number of resins in a single experiment. Once ion exchange conditions have been optimized, they are directly transferable to larger manufacturing scale columns. Chromatographic separation is performed in a pipette tip column using back and forth flow to drive binding and release steps to equilibrium. Using the MEA 2 Personal Purification System enables 12 samples at a time to be processed. This can be increased to 96 samples with the use of robotic liquid handling systems.  Four standard ion exchange resins are available in PhyTip® columns (strong anion, weak anion, strong cation, weak cation). For resin selection, the Ion Exchange Resin Screening Toolkit is a box of 96 tips containing 24 columns of each resin.


Whether separations are performed a few times a week or a few thousand times a day, PhyTip® columns may be used with manual pipettes, the MEA purification systems, or other commercially available robotic systems. Click on Instrumentation to the left or refer to the Automation or Semi-Automation sections on our website to read more about the flexible systems offered.

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