Biotage® PhyPrep Maxi

Endotoxin-free, Transfection Grade MaxiPrep.

Now automated.

Biotage PhyPrep automates the purification of plasmid DNA from cell pellets. The result is highly pure, endotoxin-free, supercoiled plasmid DNA for downstream applications such as transient transfection, CRISPR, gene therapy, AAV vectors, and cloning.

Biotage PhyPrep provides all the benefits of automation, including time and cost savings, consistent and reliable results but it also gives you the versatility of manual kits.

Technical Specification

Plasmid yield              1 mg*

Elution volumes          2 – 5 mL

Endotoxin levels          < 0.1 EU/μg

Plasmid purity             A260/280   1.8 – 1.9

Plasmid purity             A260/230   > 2.0

* From 5 g cell wet weight per sample with a high copy plasmid