PhyNexus Dual Flow Chromatography Technology

By Douglas T Gjerde

PhyNexus is a life science company dedicated to producing tools which increase research and development productivity. Dual Flow Chromatography was developed by PhyNexus to purify proteins and plasmids that dramatically improve R&D productivity.

Chromatographic separations concepts and principles are used in dual flow chromatography, but in a novel manner using pipette tip columns. The chromatography functions with off-the-shelf liquid modified pipette tips in a 96-channel pipetting head. The pipette tip columns can be used on any of the leading robotic liquid handling instruments.

At the end of the pipette tip, there is a column bed.  The bed is contained by a top and bottom screen of woven mesh.  Each column is available in 200 µL and 1000 µL pipette tip sizes and 5 different column bed sizes ranging from 5 µL to 160 µL. Virtually any affinity resin type can be packed into the column format.

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