Plasmid DNA Miniprep

Automated High Throughput Miniprep For Liquid Handling Robots

  • PhyNexus-Miniprep-Plasmids--DNA-AutomationNo filtration or centrifugation of lysate required
  • Consistent purification of up to 15 μg
  • Transfection grade and sequencing-ready
  • 96 samples at a time
  • Suitable for transfection, transformation, sequencing, PCR and cloning.
  • Fast and fully automated from the cell pellet

PhyTip columns are available for major 96-channel liquid handling robots including:


Maxiprep | Megaprep | Gigaprep

Automated Plasmid Purification | AutoPlasmid MMG Instrument

  • PhyNexus AutoPlasmid MMGEasy set up. Hands free walkaway operation.
  • 1/3 of the cost of outsourcing.
  • Highly pure transfection grade plasmid DNA.
  • Low endotoxin plasmid DNA for every scale.
  • Maximum yields of 1.5 mg for Maxiprep, 5 mg for Megaprep and 10 mg for Gigaprep.
  • Get purified plasmids within hours in your lab.
  • Automation provides consistent results, process repeatability, precision, and reliability.
AutoPlasmid MMG Plasmid Purification process

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