The development of an automated plasmid mini prep and midi prep method for use as a benchtop system has remained a challenge in the automation industry. The complex lysis and neutralization steps involved in plasmid purification require skilled laboratory professionals to perform the sensitive procedures.  In addition to the long time required to perform typical manual purifications, problems such as clogging, low yields, and carry over contamination can readily occur if care is not taken.

Plasmids are prepared directly from the cell pellet with a bench top instrument. The automated lysis and neutralization steps have been fully optimized, resulting in a sensitive robust method, yielding samples suitable for transformation, transfection, and sequencing.

The AutoPlasmid MEA benchtop instrument may purify up to mini scale 48 samples per run and up to 36 midi scale sample per run, processing the samples 12 at-a-time.

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