To address the trend for advanced biological research, people require large amounts of transient transfection quality plasmid DNA. The AutoPlasmid MMG is the only automation instrument designed specifically to meet this market opportunity. A larger 20 mL column with 1-5 mL beds are used for higher capacity for Maxi, Mega, and Giga scale plasmid preps, all in one instrument.

Buffer kits and system software are completely adaptable to the sample and the scale desired.

The MMG provides a pushbutton, walkaway solution, including transient transfection quality plasmids.

The instrument is based on Dual Flow Chromatography, a proprietary technology of PhyNexus.

With Dual Flow Chromatography fluid flows back and forth through the pipette tip column.  Interactions of plasmids with the column are pushed to completion.  Through this fluid motion, columns are completely loaded allowing high recovery of the plasmids.

The AutoPlasmid MMG provides consistency and reliability due to the ability to purify in the presence of particulate. The process is rugged – there are no restrictions on the type of plasmid sample. 1-4 samples can be processed per run.  Depending on the scale, 3-12 preps can be performed every day. Recoveries of the purified plasmids are placed into 4 flip top vials with a bio compatible buffer. The plasmids are transient transfection quality and can be used for any desired application.

Prepping the instrument for any scale level is done in minutes. The system is rugged.  High quality plasmid can be recovered from virtually any volume or type of sample. And when you are done, samples trays, buffers, and columns are thrown away. No cleaning is needed to prep the instrument for the next run.

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