Immunoprecipitation is similar to an affinity pull-down in practice. Generating a customized affinity column is a very powerful tool for discovering protein interaction partners and for studying macromolecule complexes including protein complexes, protein-nucleic acid complexes and organelles. Use PhyTip columns offer a variety of strategies for performing high performance immunoprecipitation by generating a customized affinity column. One strategy is to use PhyTip columns packed with activated resin to covalently conjugated a bait molecule. Second, PhyTip columns packed with streptavidin can be used to immobilize a biotin-labeled bate molecule. Third, a PhyTip column packed with Protein A, Protein G, ProPlus or ProPlus LX can be used to affinity bind an antibody. The antibody can be optionally cross liked to the PhyTip column and this can be used to fish out the interaction partner from a complex sample. High performance immunoprecipitation can be used to discover protein-protein interactions, identify components of protein complex and for purifying organelles.

With PhyTip column technology, immunoprecipitation/co-immunoprecipitation becomes high performance (HPIP).  Recovery is through automated HTP parallel processing.  Washing is controlled and elutions produce up to 5 times higher concentrations with lower background.

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