San Jose, California-based PhyNexus was founded by Douglas Gjerde in 2002 to survey the needs for protein sample preparation.  Columns and robotics were developed to miniaturize and automate the process while retaining the native state of the protein. In 2005, a full line of columns and robotics were introduced.  Over the next several years, the columns were modified to be compatible with all of the major robotic liquid handlers. More than 20 column chemistries were routinely offered with more than 100 offered on a custom packed basis. Starting in 2016, kits and instruments were introduced that dramatically increase the availability of transient transfection plasmids.  PhyNexus customers are life scientists in pharmaceutical companies and academia.  PhyNexus columns are being used commercially by top tier pharmaceutical companies and many others worldwide for drug target and validation, drug screening and lead optimization, drug development, clinical trials, and drug manufacturing.

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